Mary Bella, soprano


"One will occasionally find a piece that is not familiar--such as the Polish Lullaby, stunningly sung by Mary Bella, whose voice pours forth in a cathedral of grand magnificence."

- Lance G. Hill, Montrose Broadcasting Corporation on A Classical Kid's Christmas (CD)

"Bella, however, offered the most memorable moments... (she) seemed to light up every time she sang, exuding enormous warmth and brightness, but no piercing edge. When it comes to Handelian airs, she's just what the doctor ordered. And she made it seem effortless."

- Peter Jackson, The Newfoundland Evening Telegram on Handel's Messiah

"Soprano Mary Bella showed off an attractive vibrato and ready to soar buoyancy..."

- Geoff Chapman, The Toronto Star on Brahms' Requiem

" ...soprano Mary Bella was simply outstanding. She sang wily Poppea with so rich a voice and so much seductive vocal beauty that the title of empress seemed the least she deserved for such art."

- The Montreal Gazette on Coronation of Poppea

"En Poppée, Mary Bella domine la distribution: belle voix, geste sensuel, étonnante aisance." [As Poppea, Mary Bella rules the cast: beautiful voice, sensual gestures, surprising ease.]

- La Presse, Montreal on Coronation of Poppea

"Mary Bella... et Michiel Schrey jouent tous deux avec un étonnant naturel et forment un couple d'amoureux parfaitment vraisembable. Ils sont également trés sûr vocalement: chez elle l'aigu est remarkablement puisant et juste..."
[Mary Bella and Michiel Schrey both act with surprising naturalness and form a perfectly realistic pair of lovers. They are equally very sure vocally: in her the upper range is remarkably strong and accurate...]

- La Presse, Montreal on Bartered Bride

"Charlene Pauls, Mary Bella and Lynne McMurtry were seamless in voice and ensemble as the Queen's ladies."

- Winnipeg Free Press on Magic Flute with Manitoba Opera

"...with Mary Bella's maid Serpetta a hard-nosed Despina

- William Littler, The Toronto Star on La Finta Giardiniera

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